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The Gulf of Naples and its Islands

Walks in the sea and boat trips

They represented him in a thousand pictorial views, they praised him in historical pieces, poems, films and books, his Volcano was a source of inspiration for the great Andy Warhol, the Gulf of Naples is the symbol of the South, a beautiful postcard that remains in the heart. In the common imaginary its folklore puts joy and its colors remain shining in any season of the year. As the name suggests, Naples is the city that represents this marvelous bay of the Tyrrhenian Sea, perfectly set between the Vesuvius and an enviable historic center, classified as the largest in Europe. The Gulf, between the Flegrea Peninsula and the Sorrento Peninsula, contains numerous islands belonging to the Campano archipelago. The most important, both in terms of size and tourism, are Capri, Ischia, Procida and Vivara. And tourism is one of the main resources of the territory, thanks to the numerous presence of artistic, historical and naturalistic beauties, to the mild climate and to the gastronomic delicacies that represent it all over the world. Our tour of the Gulf of Naples follows a scenic route by sea that will present you closely all its unmissable pearls of excellence:


Naples seen from the sea emanates all its beauty. On board our yachts you will admire Castel dell'Ovo, Posillipo, Vesuvio and Palazzo Donn'Anna.

Island of Ischia

Ischia is the largest of the flegrean islands, known for its rich vegetation and its spas. The symbol of the island is the Aragonese Castle.

Island of Procida

Procida is picturesque, colorful and meticulous: a typical fishing village. For this reason, she was an inspiring muse for directors and writers.

Island of Vivara

Vivara is a nature reserve, joined to the island of Procida and represents the edge of a millenary volcanic crater, now submerged.

Itineraries for Ischia, Capri and the other islands of the Gulf: after sailing under the Amalfi Coast and the beautiful island of Capri, we will arrive to the island of Ischia, another wonder to be discovered. Besides the beauty of the landscapes and the luxuriant vegetation, in the green island you can relax with the waters of the thermal baths, visit the numerous monuments and the spectacular Aragonese Castle. On request, it is possible to modify the itinerary and also add a visit to the city of Naples.
  • Departure from Positano, or any other port at will, including all the hotels with a sea view;
  • During the excursion, the minibar service can be used by guests;
  • The team will be at your disposal for any request;
  • The Full Day excursion includes an 8-hour tour on board a wonderful equipped yacht;
  • The Half Day excursion includes a 4-hour tour on board a wonderful equipped yacht;
  • Our staff speak English correctly;
  • The quoted rates do not include lunch and entrance to the caves, as private companies.
If our organized tour does not reflect your requests and you want to personalize it with new stages and extra services , you can send a detailed email to our experts and plan together the itinerary of your dreams around the Sorrento Coast! Decide where to go, at what time, and in which places to stop for bathing, shopping or having lunch with your fellow adventurers.

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